A device that overcomes the ‘distance’ caused by Covid-19. Distance between the guests of the retirement home and their loved ones. Angelo is named after a person for whom it was invented, a 105-year-old man. Angelo acts as a ‘guardian angel’ and accompanies elderly during conversations with their relatives.

The COVID-19 emergency initially caused many deaths in Italian retirement homes and subsequently blocked family visits for almost three months.

The fragility of nursing home guests and how fundamental to their psychological balance the visits of their family members are, is well known . A caress, a hug or a smile help to overcome daily difficulties.The reopening of nursing homes is now characterised by security protocols that prevent such contact due to social distancing and masks.

Today guests' relatives are allowed to visit them maintaining a distance of 2 metres during meetings, often separated by tables or installations. These barriers, added to the obligatory use of face masks make communication more difficult. Health problems of elderly people like hearing loss always caused difficulties in communication, It is not difficult to imagine how emotionally isolating current dynamics are for them now. Overcoming barriers, at least from an acoustic point of view, was the objective of Luciano Fumagalli, who managed to put a smile back on the face of his father-in-law Angelo (105-year-old) allowing him to hear and understand the voice of his loved ones. 


Covid-19 emergency and retirement

homes closure. 




Opening of nursing homes to family


visits.Social distance of 2 metres between the elderly and their loved ones.



Emergence of the problem

hearing difficulties of elderly people with hearing loss due to physical distance and masks.




Improvised communications 

e.g. billboards, blackboards, ...

Technical device design

by Luciano Fumagalli, son-in-law of Angelo Consonni (105 years old) guest of the Capriate San Gervasio nursing home.




Prototyping and use of Angelo,

voice amplification device.


Product design planning

by Storie Design Studio.


Production and diffusion of the







Starting from the need, through obtaining a product that was easily visually acceptable for the elderly, Storie Design Studio designed a solution for the system created by Luciano Fumagalli. Simple lines and soft colours are the characteristics of the product. A user experience study led to an ergonomic microphone design, an intuitive interface for the visitor and a simple and tidy microphone cable system, which keeps it hidden inside. 


Help to reduce the distance between the guests of the nursing home and their loved ones.

They need you!

Angelo needs the funds in order to be produced seriously, a company that welcomes the idea and anyone who can spread the word of the importance of its use. If there is any way you can help us, please contact us and together we will be able to spread Angelo, thus helping the elderly in nursing homes. Word of mouth is also fundamental: a post on instagram or facebook can help us more than you think.

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